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Are alcoholic beverages permitted? Do you sell beer in your store?
We do not sell beer in our store, however, there are plenty of liquor stores in the area. Alcohol is

permitted on the grounds, however, you must be at least 21 years old to drink. But, be warned,

if you have too much and are disturbing other campers, we will invite the Sheriff in to escort you

out of the park.

How many families can camp on one site?
You can bring as many people as you care to stuff into your camper (see “rates ” for fees for

additional people), however, we only allow one camper per site. We will make exceptions for

those who would like to sleep in a bit longer by putting their kids in a separate tent on their site.

There may be an additional charge for the extra tent.

Can we invite friends?
Of course! In most cases, the $2 visitor fee only applies if your guests plan to use the pool

or stay overnight. Exceptions are made for large numbers of visitors.

What are the check-in and check-out times?
Feel free to check-in anytime after 1 p.m. Check out is no later than noon. If you have activities

or business in town and would like to check out later than noon, ask at the office. If there’s no one

due to check into your site that day, you can extend your stay by a couple of hours by donating

to our Sauk Rapids Youth Hockey Fund. If, however, someone is checking into your site, you may

wish to pack up your camper and store it in our overflow area until you’re ready to leave. Please

note that you will not have access to electricity after check out time.

How long is your season?
We’re open May 1 – October 10 each year. We offer limited service before and after those dates.

As long as there is no snow on the ground. (Call for details).

Where can I pick up my email?

We have wireless internet throughout the park – it’s free of charge and can be used anytime .

Free use for paid guests.

What if there’s a storm or bad weather?
If there’s a tornado or other dangerous weather, the sirens will go off in St. Cloud, which can

be heard at the campground. As an added safety precaution, the sheriff calls the campground

to warn us of bad weather. If the situation warrants, we will run around the campground like

crazy folks telling you all to go to the shower and laundry house, which is our severe weather

protection area. If you suspect foul weather, be sure to check the campground map to ensure

you know your way to the shower house (which is located in the middle of the campground).

The shower and laundry houses are open 24/7, so, if you feel you are in danger, take shelter

in there at any time.

Do you have seasonal sites?
Yes, we have 14 seasonal sites. They fill up quickly, and current seasonal customers have first

choice on whether they wish to return next year. You, can, however, ask to be placed on a

waiting list.

Do you have monthly sites?
Yep. Check out our “rates
for pricing information; and ask at the office for availability.

Can I bring my dog?
We love pets! Feel free to bring your dog, cat, parrot, or ferret – but be prepared to keep them

on leashes and to clean up after your furry friends. A fee will be charged to your credit card if

your site is not free of poo when you check out. Oh, yeah, it’s state law that no pets are allowed

in the buildings or in the pool area.

Do you recycle?
Yes, we do. You can do your part to save the planet by recycling your aluminum, plastic, glass

bottles, cans and newspapers from the rest of your trash. All of our recycling bins are the

"single-sort" type that allows you to put all of your recyclables in one container.  No need to

separate the newspaper from the soda cans.  The recycling bins are located by the Dumpster.

What’s new?
Lots!  We now only allow DNR approved firewood into the campground.  You can also

purchase DNR approved firewood from us.  We also have new brochures, and a new

activity schedule. We’ve also remodeled the Rally Center, and hope you find it more comfortable

and inviting. We’ve added some 50 Amp electric to existing FHU pull thru sites  that are perfect

for large RVs and travel trailers. And please welcome our some new staff members.

We HAVEN’T changed the quiet, friendly camping atmosphere that you’ve come to expect from

a stay at St. Cloud Campground & RV Park.

Can I reserve several sites?
Of course. You can reserve as many sites as you’d like. If have a group of 10 or more sites, then,

you may be interested in our group rates. However, please remember that you are responsible

for all of the sites you reserve. If you do not cancel sites within 48 hours of your check-in time,

then, your credit card will be charged for the cost of one night of stay for each site that you

reserved and was not filled.

How far in advance can I make reservations?
As early as you’d like. We’re booking out to 2025 already, but our reservation system will allow

us to book sites in 2026 and further, if you’d like. Now, THAT would be planning ahead!

Are reservations required?
Reservations are not required, but they are recommended – especially if you plan to stay with us

for a weekend. We’re pretty full most Friday and Saturday nights. There’s always room in overflow,

but that means no water (you can fill your tanks at our spigot) and only 15 amp electric…which i

sn’t enough to run your air conditioner, but is enough to make a pot of coffee in the morning.

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